Film production and participation in music

Film production and participation in country music

Car import

Invest in car import

Gilan Real Estate

Investment in Gilan real estate sector

Future Investment Company

Futurist Vandad Investment Company was registered with the aim of participating in the development of private enterprises and promoting the growth of their financial charts with the presence of experts in the field of economics.

Vandad Futuristic Group, in order to grow and improve its field of activity, registered the Vandad Kohan Hirad Cinema Institute with the aim of participating in the development of the rich culture of this region. Society has done

One of the goals of these companies is the strict and point-by-point implementation of Article 2 of the Constitution, according to the statements of the Supreme Leader, in such a way that helping the prosperity of low-yield or late-return enterprises has been at the top of the agenda.

Investing in making and producing movies and supporting music
Participation in the construction of commercial projects in the free zone of Bandar Anzali
Import and sale of cars according to the power and needs of society in a way that makes it possible for the middle class to buy

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